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The iconic minaret of Khoutabia, in Marrakesh.

Explore Beyond your Hotel

Morocco is a vast country, unlike the UK. There are so many experiences to enjoy from the souks to the beaches, from the mountains to valleys. Equally, there are shopping malls, theme parks, water parks & Big Bus tours. Everything that makes for the perfect family holiday.

I’m working on family-friendly destination guides for all the places we’ve explored in Morocco. It’s always a work in progress. Do get in touch if there are places you think should be included. 

A sunny day in Essaouira, looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. One of the many beach locations in Morocco.

The Medinas of Morocco

Every city in Morocco has its tale to tell. Unsurprisingly, the ‘Medinas’ (old towns) of Fez, Essaouira, El Jadida and Marrakech are amongst the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Winding ancient alleyways, homes tucked away in the winding maze, scents and sounds to blow the mind, these are the ‘Medinas’.

Whilst every Medina has a long history, they each have a unique feel to them. Marrakech is hustle and bustle. Essaouira is calm and quaint. Fez is both & more with its spiritual heritage.

Some of the Medinas, have a main square called ‘La Place’, pronounced ‘La Plaas’. The Jemaa el Fna is the main square in Marrakech. A visit to the city without trying out what the Square has to offer, really is unacceptable. Whereas the Place de Moulay Hassan in Essouira is far more subtle venue although the sunset is breathtaking & the apricot jam filled crepes are delicious. 

Tours of the Medinas can be invaluable in covering all the amazing historic sites and also give us outsiders, an insider’s perspective. Although, be aware the insider might try to get you into all of his mates’ shops on the way. It’s not a scam. Every one needs to make a living, even if that’s by getting a small commission. Bloggers do this everyday via affiliate links. But unlike clicking onto an affiliate link, at least you can still bargain when you get to the shop !

But if you don’t want to get lost, if you want to learn more about the historical significance of a place, if you want to return having truly connected with your destination, then I do recommend taking a look at Get Your Guide’s tours. They have a wide array of tours to suit all budgets & destinations. Learn more here>

This is Essaouira. We were on location while they were filming for a Bollywood movie. We didn’t bump into Mr Salman Khan himself but there was definitely some Movie Magic in the air.

1001 Adventures in Morocco

Quad biking, rope activities and rock climbing are some of the fun things for kids and adults to do whilst in Morocco. But even navigating the Medinas (old towns) and the merchants within, has its own appeal. And those looking for even more adventure, a trip through the Sahara desert or trekking up the Atlas mountains with a camel ride thrown in, might be in order.

Nature Awaits

Why not get the true Nomadic experience and spend 3 nights in the desert? Or take a day trip to the Paradise Valley or the Souss Massa National Park. There is much more to Morocco than beaches & souks. Did you know you can go skiing in Morocco ?

Ready to discover more? Check out the Destination Guides. More are coming soon !

Fun at the Beach

Whether it is collecting sea-shells or wind-surfing, Morocco’s beaches have alot to offer. Play areas with slides & swings, beach loungers & parasols for hire and wide stroller friendly promenades for settling the toddler off for a nap.

If you do decide to chose a non-beach destination like Marrakech, you can always opt for a day-out to the sea-side. Or perhaps try one of the parks offering a sandy area.

Souvenir Shopping in Morocco

Gorgeously hand made fridge magnets and Argan oil packed in 100ml bottles, make perfect cabin bag souvenirs to pack. Or why not go ‘Old Skool’ and send home a postcard for friends & family?

In the Souks, expect to haggle. Or if you don’t relish the idea of haggling, you can find shops with in the Malls or around the hotels which will have fixed prices. The best place for shopping is the largest indoor market in the World, Souk el Had, in Agadir. Lots of bargains all under one roof. Find out what else you can do in Agadir>

Swimming Pools: Hotels, Apartments & Villas

Many hotels, apartments & villas do offer up some wonderful swimming pools in Morocco. Although, if you have picked somewhere to stay without a pool, worry not, since there are a number of swimming pools & aqua parks available for a day rate. Handy for those hot summer days.

Villa Sebaa Marrakesh Marrakech Private Pool Villa Sans-vis-a-vis
Villa Sebaa in Marrakech

In the cooler months, it is worth considering the option of a heated pool, if you really can’t forgo swimming on your family holiday.

Villa Kahina in Essaouira has a private heated pool prefect for families or friends all year round.

Pizza or Pastille?

Be brave and don’t go All Inclusive. Morocco has a wealth of culinary delights to explore & enjoy. You really will be spoilt for choice. Check out our Social Media posts for more culinary inspiration. Or why not book a food tour & explore Morocco through you taste buds !

Family Friendly Places to Stay in Morocco Riad Morocco

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