Destination Guide, Essaouira

Most tourists head to Agadir for their beach holiday. However, if you are wanting a quieter and calmer destination, Essaouira is the perfect getaway. Combining a historic charm with lots to do for all ages, it is a holiday destination you might even fall in love with. 

Essaouira is also a popular destination for Movie Magic. When we’ve visited, we ended up walking around the film sets for John Wick 3 and the Bollywood Movies of Salman Khan. 

Camera Ready, Steady, Action ! On location at Salman Khan’s Bollywood movie filming.

Weather in Essaouira

Essaouira is a great place for sunshine most of the year round but is known as the windy city. So even in during the warmer months of May to September, there is a cool breeze when temperatures reach the 30 degree mark. But it is certainly a great place to escape the scorching Summer Sun in Marrakesh., reaching 40 degrees centigrade.

December to March is warm reaching 20 degrees in the daytime but chilly at night. Perfect for a quick escape from the British weather. Easter holidays are a good time to get away for a bit of warmth and sunshine. Whilst October half terms usually offer the best weather for sightseeing & value for family breaks, reaching a pleasant 27 degrees centigrade most days.

Getting to Essaouira

There aren’t as many direct flights to Essaouira as Marrakesh. For all the different ways to get to Essaouira, read this post I wrote>

Entertain the Whole Family in Essaouira

At The Beach – A golden sandy beach awaits in Essaouira. Entrance to the beach requires some footwear but the actual beach is quite good to walk on bare-foot. Take a small bag for the kids to collect sea shells. This beach can get quite windy so do weigh down your belongings.

There are loungers & parasols for hire for around £2.50 per day. Public toilets are available along the promenade, at a small fee. There are play areas on the beach with slides & roundabouts, perfect for young kids, access for only a £1. You can pick up sand castle buckets & spades in the Medina, as well as a football to kick around. And of course a kite, because the wind makes the beach perfect for flying a kite.

On The Beach Promenade – This wide walk way runs the course of the beach up to the Medina. It is wheel-chair and buggy friendly. So even if you can’t get out onto the beach, you can enjoy the view and the freshly fried crisps on the beach. Not far from the Atlas hotel, there are trikes and family carriage cycles to hire. There are plenty of places to eat along the promenade and across the street, on side roads for cheaper options.

In The Medina – Calmer and easier to navigate than the Marrakech medina, the old town is wonderful to wander through. Tucked away in quiet corners are delicious places to eat, like the delicious freshly made pancakes filled with nutella or apricot jam. Souvenir shopping is far cheaper and less hassle than in Marrakesh. Our favourite is the Argan Oil with musk, in cabin bag size 100ml bottles, or with verbana for a really relaxing fragrance.

A Private Beach BBQ – Organised by Berberlands, this is a truly unique opportunity to enjoy a picnic on a secluded beach location with a delicious BBQ & sand castle making equipment too. Find out more >

Berberlands offer some amazing “back – to – nature” types of experiences. They can tailor tours around your families needs. From Medina tours to donkey rides, traditional cooking classes to river walks. Find out more>

At The Skala du Port – This bastion offers a chance to step back in time. Young kids will enjoy pretending to be pirates. The teenagers will be taking pictures to upload to instagram. Open Daily from 9am to 5.30om.

In The Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdullah Museum – A small museum showcasing local history & artefacts. The information is in French or Arabic, so the context of the items might be a little lost. However, is a nice place just to take a look around, with in the medina. Open Wednesday – Monday 9am to 5pm. Entrance Fee: Adults 10 Dirhams, Children under 12 years 3 Dirhams.

At The Main Square – Place Moulay Hassan can be found between the port and the medina. It is not like Jemaa El-Fna. There maybe a few street performers. But mostly, this is a place to view the sun setting whilst having a delicious pancake or chilling with an ice-cream.

Place Moulay Hassan II Essaouira
pancakes in Essaouira Morocco
Don’t just stick to the delicious nutella filled crepes, try out the apricot jam ones too !
toddler holidays in Morocco
Broom, broom ! OK. I’ll admit, there might be a health & safety concern for this type of activity in the UK but the kids really can’t go that fast. Don’t worry if they can’t steer, some are remote controlled. So they’re only in the driver’s seat but not actually driving.
essaouira family friendly beach
Soft sand, lots of space for toddlers to enjoy !

Beach Activities for the Adventurous – Quad-biking, horse-riding, kite-surfing or evening mountain-biking, Essaouira really is great for adventurous families. Explora Water-sports offer more than just water sports. They offer all of the above and more. Find Out More>

At The Fishermen’s Huts – After a walk down to the port, head to the Fishermen’s Huts for some freshly grilled fish & seafood. Some with offer you a rate by weight, others by choice of fish. Our favourite grilled fish and seafood hut was no.14.

Or why not combine a tour of the Medina, with the catch of the day. Get the full itinerary>

pastille essaouira
Restaurant Es-Salam is a great spot close to the Main Square to try a delicious pastille.

Try an Excursion – Berberlands runs some wonderful excursions exploring the natural beauty of the surrounding area. They also run yoga sessions, cookery classes & visits to the local markets. Contact them through their Website: or by Email: Find out More>

Guided Donkey Tour – If your kids love animals, this is really one to try. A walk through the hills exploring the natural environment. It will be a wonderful memory for you children to share & hold onto for life. This is also run by Berberlands. Find out more>

At The Carrefour Supermarket – Visiting the supermarket is hardly what every tourist should do but if you have to pick up some bit & bobs, this is a great place to do it. Some stuff is admittedly more expensive but you can pick up everything in one go. Buy fresh curry spices, fruit & veg, meats & fish, as well as all the snacks you might need. The kids will love doing the weekly shop at the Moroccan ‘Asda’. Don’t forget your carrier bags !

Yes ! They sell Pampers as well as all the other essentials you might need.

And they’ve recently opened up an LC Waikiki in Essaouira next door to the Carrefour, a great clothing store yet to find its way to the UK high street.

Reach New Heights – Riding on a camel takes you up in the air, around 2.5 m. An exciting experience as long as you are not afraid of heights ! Essaouira’s stretches of unspoiled coast line are the perfect place to try this out Find Out More>

camel riding in Essaouira

Try a Cookery Class – From buying the groceries at a traditional Moroccan market to learning to cook a Tajine with Beber ladies, this is a very unique experience worth trying. Find out more>

cookery classes tagine amazigh essaouira

From buying the ingredients, to cooking a meal using traditional methods, find out more about these unique cookery classes with Berberlands>

The streets of the Essaouira Medina (old town).
The Square in Essaouira, a far cry from the hustle & bustle of the Square (Jemaa elFna) in Marrakesh.
The perfect place to stay in Essaouira.

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