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Make Memories in Agadir

Agadir is a popular destination for beach lovers in Morocco. With a number of popular branded hotels, lining the softy sandy beach where it meets the Atlantic Ocean, Agadir is a great choice for family holidays.

In 1960, the city was hit by an earthquake which caused a lot of damage, with much of the city having to be completely rebuilt. As a result the city doesn’t have the same historic feel to it, that Marrakesh or Essaouira do.

Agadir Weather

Agadir is known for its year round sunshine. The best months to travel are between June – September, with highs of 30 degrees & little chance of rain. Winters are still warm with highs of 20 degrees. November– March is warm reaching 20 degrees in the daytime but chilly at night.

Perfect for a quick escape from the British weather. Easter holidays are a good time to get away for a bit of warmth and sunshine. Whilst October half terms usually offer the best weather for sightseeing & value for family breaks, reaching a pleasant 27 degrees centigrade most days.

TOP TIP> During winter months, outdoor pools are often too cold to swim in. There are a few places which offer indoor pools or outdoor heated pools. But cooler weather does make it a lot easier to explore the sites.

Getting to Agadir

Agadir airport

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Easyjet, TUI & Ryanair fly to Marrakech departing from many local airports in UK, including London Luton, Birmingham & Manchester. AirArabia has also launched new routes to Morocco too. Flights usually offer good value however always check what time the flight departs. A 6 am flight with young children means reaching the airport at 4 am, with sleepy children to navigate through security & boarding.

TOP TIP> Why not fly into Marrakesh & out from Agadir ? We spent £1500 less last Summer by doing just that. The bonus was getting to stay in 2 amazing Moroccan cities not just one. For example, fly from Manchester with to Agadir & fly back from Marrakech.

You can also fly into Marrakesh & take a Suprabus coach to Agadir for around £12 per person. Alternatively, you can book a private taxi transfer from Marrakech, via this link

Places to Stay in Agadir

There are three popular tourist areas in Agadir, the Marina, the Beach Promenade & the Founty area. If you’re after more night-life, then the Marina & Beach Promenade are good choices. If you’re after a more quiet area, then the Founty area has lots of great hotel-apartment concepts. More details coming soon. Why not join our Morocco Holidays Facebook group for Hotel Reviews & recommendations

Agadir AirBnB family friendly apartment stay
Our Airbnb stay in Agadir, in a secure compound in the Founty area of Agadir.

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Places to Eat in Agadir

Head to the newer area of Beach Promenade is for well known brands like McDonalds & Pizza Hut, (halal-certified). The beach promenade does also have an Indian restuarant called the Bombay restaurant. Although it is on the pricey side. There are many eateries along this stretch, but due to their location you’ll find them on the top end in terms of price.

The Marina area also has a number of restaurants & cafes. Why not combine a boat trip followed by lunch at the Marina?

The Founty area offers a good number of places to eat, from cafes to local restaurants. There was a Thai restaurant too. We loved the breakfast Moroccan breakfast at Roastery.

Head to the Marjaane supermarket for ALL your shopping needs. It is truly massive ! And there is a McDonalds with play area, a short walk across the car park.

With so much choice, why would you want to go All-Inclusive? But if you can’t sacrifice an all-inclusive holiday, why not find the best priced hotels for your stay in Agadir. Start your search here>

Things to Do in Agadir

Whilst Agadir is known as a beach destination, there are some great family-friendly things to do there too. Here are our top 10 choices:

As the sun sets on the Atlantic Ocean…

1. Visit Souk el had.

Closed Mondays, this largest indoor market in Africa with clothes to spices at rock bottom prices, is a must. Aim to spend possibly 2 hours there. Have something to eat here. They have these samosas which are tasty but don’t taste like usual samosas. They also have crepes, delicious orange juice & local foods too.

Souk al Ahad, the modern version of 1001 night souk.

Just remember to leave room in your suitcase for all the amazing things you’ll find !

2. Take a trip to the Valley of the Birds. “Vallée de oiseaux”.

Basically, this is a small park you can walk through with small birds, goats etc there are some playground activities too. Spend about half hour here. It’s a pleasant place to take younger children but do try & visit on weekdays, as it gets very busy on weekends. When you exit the Valley of the Birds, on the other side is a bus stop for a dedicated service to the Crocopark.

valley of the birds Agadir

3. The Crocodile Park in Agadir.

We’ve not been here but the pictures do look lovely. This place combines the Crocodile Park and botanical gardens. Find more information about the park, including opening times & shuttle bus services via their website.

Crocoparc Agadir
300 Crocodiles. Just don’t get too close !

4. Try a Local Tajine.

Experience the local culture through your taste buds. There are some famous local restaurants, if you just ask the local people. They’ll let you know. There is also an area famous for fish dishes called Anza. There is a Dolphinarium there too. We’ve not been to the Dolphinarium, since reading about the plight of dolphins in captivity. Travel can certainly be an education & one thing I’ve come to appreciate a lot recently, is how that definition can vary so much.

5. Go to Taroudant, the Paradise Valley or the National Parks.

There are many places to explore outside of Agadir. Taroudant for example is known as the mini Marrakesh. It’s supposed to be beautiful. You can even include a horse & carriage ride. Then there is the Paradise Valley, which is more strenuous as a trip. There really are so many options. Do check how suitable the excursion is for your family & remember to pack the right footwear.

6. Book a Camel Ride.

OK. They tell you they’ll be flamingos but they only come rarely and in season. But the camel ride really is worth doing, just being flung 2.5m into the air is an adventure in its own right. The camel ride takes you through pathways with beautiful scenery & views onto local villages.

camel ride agadir

7. Head to the Kasbah Oufella

Much of the old town of Agadir was destroyed by an earthquake in the 60s. The town was rebuilt. Unlike Marrakech, little remains from that time. The Kasbah is one of those places. The views from the Kasbah are breathtaking.

8. Take a Boat Trip from the Marina

Can you spot the Pirate ship sailing the seas ?

You can easily book a boat ride at the Marina. For a family of six, the price was 300dh for a half hour ride. The kids enjoyed steering the small boat. And it was a nice ride out, taking in the whole stretch of Agadir beach from the water.

9. Head to Lunja Village.

For some water slide fun. Out of town, this is a relatively new waterpark.

10. This should be no.1, CONTACT Fareed.

He’ll help you sort out everything from shopping to camel riding, even your airport transfers.

You can drop him a message via WhatsApp +212653940416. Let him know I recommended you 😊 p.s. Fareed is the chap in the Black T-shirt with the big smile.

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