5 Top Tips when Travelling to Morocco.


📣TOP TIP 1 : Take at least one pen with you when travelling to Morocco 🇲🇦. Or if you fancy being helpful, take a few. That way you can help fellow travellers, in case you’re required complete some forms upon arrival at the airport & find no pens available. 

We learned this the hard way, when we first arrived in Morocco, some years ago. With 5 forms to fill out & only one pen between us, plus our seriously tired toddlers too. Whilst the landing forms were recently scrapped, a new form must be now completed in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

There are some further procedures in place before travelling to Morocco. Your airline should you inform you of these. At the point of writing this post, you will need proof of a negative PCR test, a printed copy of your hotel reservation and you need to print out and complete a special form. Download from here>

Intercity travel may require you to show a special form obtainable from the airport.  Masks are mandatory in most public spaces. I also recommend following MoroccoinUK on Twitter for updates. They have been particularly helpful, especially sharing updates on changes to travel to Morocco. 

When flying out from Morocco, you will need to get your boarding passes stamped at the check in desk. EVEN if you’ve checked in online and have no hold luggage.

One family we saw running back and forth at the airport, went on to miss their flights because they were unaware of this. 

It’s easy to miss the email about this from the airlines because they send so many “important” emails where they just want you to book “extras”. This was what we’ve experienced over the last few years. Always check emails from the airline you’re travelling with.

📣TOP TIP 2 : Take an extra unlocked mobile phone with you. That way you can just pop the sim card in.


When arriving at some airports in Morocco, you may be offered a free local sim card. They take a photo of your passport to register your sim. Just as in the UK, we have to register our sim cards by identification, so too do the Mobile Network suppliers in Morocco. We’ve made good use of this over the years, whether calling for taxis or tour guides.

Take a smartphone & stay online, all the time. How ? Adding on 1 GB of data costs around £1. Top up when you’re at the airport then set up the mobile hot-spot. That way you’re not relying on Wifi or being swamped by data roaming charges. And more importantly, the whole family can stay connected using this one mobile hot-spot. Find out more on my sister site Family Holidays Club on how to do this, step-by-step

When travelling to Morocco from the UK you’ll need travel plug adapters, like the ones used in Europe. If you’ve got mobile phones🤳 that you can’t live with out on holiday, this extension lead is really handy. Saves unnecessary plug adaptor wars & can be a life saver when the socket is in a really awkward place. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  Or get an adaptor with USB ports, like this one> 

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Morocco has supermarkets where you can pick up pretty much everything you would find in a local UK supermarket. Plus a few extra things you wouldn’t find like burkinis & halal turkey. Some supermarkets like Carrefour, do sell alcohol where as others will not.

Yes ! They even have Pampers nappies, Kelloggs cornflakes & Johnsons baby shampoo. Some international brands aren’t quite as cheap as you’ll find them in Asda, but given how much airlines charge for extra hold luggage, you could save by just buying locally.

What I love the most is how you can buy spices by weight in the supermarkets. If you don’t fancy haggling in the souks, then just head to the local supermarkets.

📣TOP TIP 4 : Morocco is way ahead of us in terms of plastic pollution. You can’t buy plastic bags in Moroccan supermarkets. So you’ll need to bring your own or purchase a reusable one at the checkout.

These electric cars can be found in some of the cities in Morocco. I’ve seen them in Fez, Marrakesh, Essaouira and Agadir. They’re great fun, cheap and let’s face it, a whole more exciting than the ones in our UK town centres.

One thing that is worth watching out for are taxis. You’ve probably read about how they can overcharge you. But actually the most important thing to note for families is that they have maximum occupancy.

“Petit” taxis can only carry 3 passengers and “Grand” taxis can carry between 5 & 6 passengers. The trouble is the “Grand” taxis are harder to come by.

📣TOP TIP 5 : If you are travelling as a family, try to book somewhere close to the main attractions or with a free shuttle service. Alternatively, why not split up your stay. With a few nights in an authentic Riad and a few at a resort. 

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