Fatima’s Airbnb Apartment in Oualidia

Located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, Oualidia is not your typical resort town. Well not yet anyway. But it’s been on my list ever since I first read about it, some nine years ago. Of course, there wasn’t much information but there was one thing about this town that had me deeply intrigued.

Looking out onto the Lagoon, the masterpiece of Oualidia.

Oualidia ( pronounced Wa-lee-diya) is known for its lagoon. It is THE reason to visit Oualidia.

Pictures don’t do it justice….

We chose to stay in an Airbnb apartment in Oualidia because there were no hotel rooms which could accommodate us all. Well none at a reasonable price anyway. There were however a few suitable options on Airbnb. As a family of 6, this apartment was just right for us, for a 5 night break.

The entrance to the apartment is beautiful and well maintained.

Fatima’s Airbnb apartment is in a great location to make the most of the experience. The best aspect was the location. A 5 min walk down the hill, 50 dirhams for the boat taxi across to the lagoon for all of us and then just chilling. Haven’t heard about Airbnb before ? My top tips will help you get the most out of Airbnb>

lagoon at Oualidia
The lagoon is great for smaller children, since the water is still and calm.
airbnb at Oualidia
Bedroom one had a double bed & a baby cot. It has views out to he lagoon.
Bedrooms have bedding available and there is a cupboard in the lounge with extra towels and sheets.
Bedroom two is smaller with one double bed. Or could be used at twin beds. We never experienced any mosquitoes so had no use of the nets.

We had breakfast and dinner made by Fatima’s mum when we arrived. A great way to get settled in. You can advance request this from Fatima. There are vegetarian options available too.

All the essentials we would need for a comfortable stay were available at the apartment. A fully equipped kitchen, bedding, towels, toilet tissue and hand soaps. We did pay extra to have the apartment cleaned, as a daily clean is not included.

There was no washing machine but there was a handy rack to dry clothes on the balcony. Fatima does offer a laundry service at an additional charge.

The apartment has a large balcony which has views out to the lagoon.

10 Top Tips for Staying in Fatima’s Airbnb Apartment in Oualidia :

  1. If you come out of the apartment, the quickest way is to turn right to hea, then left down towards the lagoon. It’s quite steep in some places and also a little tricky on the rocks where you take the boat. So good footwear which you don’t mind getting wet are essential.
  2. Take a big beach bag to stick things in for the trip across to the lagoon. You can hire chairs, parasols and tables there for a fee. Be careful with valuables and do have something to keep them dry.
  3. Turn left out of the apartment, left again then right onto the main road. Past the roundabout you’ll find the main stretch of shops and restaurants. Remember this is not Agadir or Marrakesh. It’s not even Essaouira. It is smaller and has that small town vibe about it.
  4. You can pick up pretty much everything you need in the town including buckets and spades. But there is no large supermarket in Oualidia so if you’re coming in from another city, best to bring what you need.
  5. Take some containers with you and pack up any left overs to heat up in the apartment. If you forget your containers they will wrap up your food to take away but some places will charge for the wrapping foil.
  6. Ask Fatima to arrange a day trip to Safi to visit the biggest tagine in the World.
  7. There are no bureaus de change in Oualidia. Most shops do not take card payments. You can pull cash from ATMs. Or exchange at the bank but you’ll need your passport to do so. Also the banks were closed over the weekend so we ended up short of change. Read my post about Moroccan money for more information.
  8. There is small fairground with in 5 mins walk of the apartment.
  9. Since Oualidia is smaller town, few people speak English. Some speak French but mostly Arabic and Darija are spoken here. Fatima speaks perfect English and she was able to answer our questions.
  10. There was no air conditioning at the apartment although we didn’t need it. In the evenings, it did get chilly even in Summer, so do take some cardigans.

How to Book the AirBnB Apartment

It’s pretty straight forward. Sign up to AirBnB using this link & you’ll get Ā£25 off the first stay you book. For further tips on how to book with AirBnB, read my post all about in on the Family Holidays Club website>

If you want to book Fatima’s apartment, this directly links to her listing for more information.

Fatima’s apartment really is set in and amongst the locals. If you’re after an authentic type of stay then this is a great choice.

One thing to note is that there are no toilets at the lagoon that we saw. Thankfully no one needed to go.

šŸ“£TOP TIP : Wifi is available but not as fast as you might be used too. Perhaps download anything you want to watch or play, ahead of arriving in Oualidia. Particularly if there’s a few of you using the internet. Or alternatively use my Mobile Hotspot Travel Hack. There was a TV but it didn’t seem to be in working condition.

Oualidia wouldn’t be the best choice for those with mobility issues. The town is set on hills which overlook the lagoon. There are hotels like the Sultana and which have a direct access to the lagoon, which may be more suitable for those who really want to visit.

The cat did try to get into the apartment although he or she doesn’t actually live there. So do keep the door closed if you don’t want any unexpected visits.

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