Pizza or Pastille

We all know what a Pizza is, right? It is one of those global foods that has become part of our food culture. But how many people know what a Pastille is?

It wasn’t until our 75 year old mum decided to order a Pastille on our holiday in Essaouira, at the Regragui Restaurant, that we realised just what we had been missing. It was simply delicious. DELICIOUS and quite frankly a lot yummier than pizza. ( Not sure about the calories side of things.)

Minced chicken, ground almonds, sweet apricots all bundled together in layers of filo pastry, dusted with cinnamon. There are different fillings of course, just like there are different toppings on pizzas. It is the combination of flavours & textures that make a Pastille a unique & special thing to try. Even the kids loved it. Not sure if they would pick Pastille over Pizza, but I certainly would.

So if you find yourself in Morocco, do yourself a favour and try a Pastille !

Of course there is so much more to Moroccan cuisine than Pastille. Perhaps this is why food tours are becoming ever more popular. Particularly, for us British folk, where Moroccan Restaurants a far and few between, Moroccan food tours are a great way of seeing & tasting the local culture. And should you fall in love with Moroccan food like I have & marrying a Moroccan who can cook delicious food for you every day, is NOT an option, why not skill yourself up with a cookery class or two. That way you can have taste of the delicious back home, to brighten up your cold Autumn nights.

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p.s. Pastille is pronounced ‘Past-tee-yuh’.