Will we need to have Jabs done?

One of the concerns when travelling abroad, is whether you need ‘jabs’ aka immunisations for your destination. In the UK, we have access to most of these vaccinations for free. You just need to ask your GP to advise what might be needed.

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If you want to find out more about what is required for your destination, visit :

NHS Fit for Travel. If you are stopping off in different destinations, make sure that you give all the travel details to the GP, so you get the precise course of action required for your travels.

If you are required to have vaccinations done privately (e.g, Yellow Fever), don’t just go for the first option. There can be quite a price difference between providers. So a bit of shopping around could save you a lot of money, which would be better spent on the holiday itself! It is important know that if your vaccinations are not up to date, it could invalidate your travel insurance, if you need to make a claim. Do travel your travel certificates with you & remember to put them safely away, after your travels.

Some of these jabs, like Hepatitis A & B, might require returning for a booster, 6 months later. Do make effort to get these boosters done since they may grant life-long protection. Great, if your little one is dreaming of becoming the next Marco Polo or Ibn Battuta.

With all the negative press about immunisations, parents often find themselves in a dilemma. Should we or shouldn’t we immunise our children? Please do read past the headlines and have a conversation with a professional about vaccinations. They do carry risks but there is also a risk if you do not immunise your children. Do also take the time to understand what the ‘risks’ are if you do NOT immunise your children (or yourself). Also check if your travel insurance requires you to have the recommended jabs done, otherwise you might find yourself without adequate cover.

The other common stance is that if you are travelling to a ‘clean area’ like a resort, then there is no need to get jabs done. There is certainly less risk but do consider that your children will come into contact with other children in the Kids Club. You will be eating food prepared by staff who may be carriers of Hepatitis. This is true in England too of course, but in countries where Hepatitis is more prevalent, then there is a slightly increased chance of transmission. Also, if you want to give your children the opportunity to experience the country rather than just the hotel, then certainly do consider immunising them.

Weigh up the risks. Make an informed decision. And do take out travel insurance.

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