#InFlightEntertainment on Budget Airlines

If you are travelling on one of the budget airlines, this School Holidays, it is good to prepare your own #InFlightEntertainment for your kids when airborne. Unlike the big airlines, with their all singing all dancing personalised entertainment systems, in flight entertainment is not part of the budget of RyanAir, EasyJet & the other cheaper carriers. But when you are getting your flights on the cheap, this is one of those trade-offs you have to make.

So how on earth do you entertain the kids on the plane without it? Simple, take along your own device to watch things on. Well, unfortunately Airport Security at some destinations will not allow you to board with the likes of a Tablet or Ipad. (See link at the end of this post) So forward planning is really essential. Here are some ideas you might find useful:

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1. Pack your little one an ‘Activity Bag’ with:

  • A pencil case of colouring pencils, crayons, highlighters & felt tips. A few cheap ones will do.

  • Some little colouring & activity books, see our Boredom Busters post for more ideas.

  • Get some party bag fillers for the kids to enjoy.

  • Pack some scrap paper to play hangman or noughts & crosses.

  • Pick up some travel games like Connect4, Scrabble, Ludo.

  • Get the kids to pack some snacks for themselves, like small bags of grapes, bread-sticks & Babybells.

  • Dolls or cars, whichever you child likes to play with.

  • Introduce you little one to card games with an old fashioned deck of cards, even if it just SNAP.

  • Anyone remember UNO or TopTrumps?

  • Take some small sized reading books & one for yourself. Why not try picking some up from your local charity shop?

2. If your kid or you, really can not live with out an electronic device, check the latest advice regards your destination. If you can only take your phone on board, prepare it with some relevant apps & downloads for them. Your device should be charged but switched off for security, where devices are allowed through.

  • Download the BBC-i-Player app, there are loads of free kids programmes to download & watch later. Do check the number of days the programme is available for so you don’t get left with nothing to watch.

  • If you are not signed up to Netflix, start your free 30 day trial before you go, just remember to cancel the subscription when you return. You can download programmes for yourself & the kids.

  • Do take along a portable charger, a cheap one should do the job. Note some destinations have restrictions on these too.

  • Remember to take a plug adaptor if you are travelling to countries requiring one.

3. Then there are the mind games, which can be a lot of fun. Simple ‘Eye Spy’ using colours: ‘I spy with my little eye something coloured…’ for toddlers. For older kids, try some memory games or quizzes. Or if you want to be extra challenging, take along a pocket sized dictionary & test each others spelling. Be prepared to lose though!

4. Take along some boiled sweets, to suck as the flight starts landing. This can help with the ear ache, kids sometimes feel when the plane descends for landing. This won’t work for kids under 3 years, who are at risk of choking. Perhaps get them to suck on their dummy or bottle.

We hope you enjoy your own #InFlightEntertainment !

Feel free to share any tips you might have, so we can share them to help other families.

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