£1 Boredom Busters for the School Holidays

Easter Holidays are fast approaching. For parents, school holidays can be a stress-full prospect, even if not travelling abroad. So we have put together a list of a few cheap boredom busters which can also double up as great in flight entertainment.

Poundland Kids Activity Books

1. Head to Poundland: Pack of 8 small activity books. Perfect to pack. Super cheap. Only whiles stocks last.

2. Walk around Wilko: There are lots of choices including some fab super cheap stationery. They have the best selection in store but they do have some online too.

School Holidays Kids Activities

They have some great stuff for adults too. See Below.

School Holidays Kids Activities

3. Treat Yourself: Wilko has some lovely little books to keep us adults busy too. Sit down with the kids, some colouring pencils & get creative.

4. Make Your Own Holiday Workbook: Dig out those colouring books with the odd page left uncoloured, cut them out. Give the same treatment to any other puzzle books. Add a few sheets of scrap or coloured paper. Ask the School to print off some worksheets or find some stuff online to print. Stick everything together in clear plastic wallet or staple together. Remember to put a sheet at the front with your child’s name on it, add some stickers to make it exciting.

5. Check out Asda: In store, they have a section with party bag gifts. You can pick up 4 little things for a £1, even small activity books. A few of these will certainly put smiles on faces. They also have mini connect-4 type games. If you don’t find these in store, you can get them on EBay in gorgeous neon colours.

Enjoy the Easter Holidays !