The Water Tastes Different

When travelling abroad, bottled water is probably the safest option, if not the only option in some countries. Often, the water tastes different. Sometimes even unpalatable.

Here are 5 tips to keep the family hydrated when on holiday:

1. Pack Water Bottles. Take these through security, empty of course, and fill up from a water fountain on the other end if available.

2. Buy the Big 5 Litres Bottles. This is cheaper & you can just keep topping up the water bottles.

3. Take Along Squash. Oasis, Robinsons & own branded super concentrates are available in the supermarkets. Pop one in your clear plastic bag for security, because they are small enough to do so. (These are not suitable for under 3s, but you can put a little undiluted squash into a 100ml bottle.)

4. Make Your Own Ice Cubes. Freezer bags are available at most supermarkets. They weigh nothing. They take up no space once out of the box. They are easy to use, just fill with drinking water, tie it up & pop in the freezer. They also team up as ice-bags, for mosquito bites or bumps from falls. They also let you know if the freezer is working properly.

5. Plastic Cups & Straws. These just made the picture more interesting. No need to pack them ! But you might want to pack a travel kettle. #BritsLoveKettles