Our Love Affair with Kettles

Time & again, review after review, one single complaint stands out above all. There was NO KETTLE !

We Brits, well many of us, love our tea & coffee. Tea & coffee requires implicitly the use of a kettle. When a hotel advertising ‘tea & coffee making equipment’ fails to deliver a kettle, this causes some of us Brits an inexplicable anxiety. So much so, that a decent hotel can get a real online review bashing over it. Sad but True.

Tea or Coffee, anyone?

So let’s clear the air on this subject, here & now……

‘Tea & Coffee Making Equipment’ does not always mean there will be a kettle in your accommodation. If this is of concern to you, here are your options:

1. Check if there is a kettle before you book. Contact the place you are considering.

2. Buy or share a mate’s travel kettle. Use the space inside for tea bags, sugar cubes etc.

3. Take the risk that there will be no kettle BUT please do NOT moan about it in reviews thereafter.

Of course, you could take the time to explain to your hosts WHY we Brits (some of us) love kettles so much. It might get a bit lost in translation. All the best !

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p.s. If you are travelling with a baby, a travel kettle can be very useful if not essential.

p.p.s. Remember your travel adaptor.