It's all About the Money

The New Travellers Cheques

The currency in Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD). Some hotels & tour agents also take Euros. Some useful points to note:

Plan Your Currency Needs

  • The Moroccancurrency is a ‘closed currency’. This means that you can not take lots of currency in & out of the country.

  • This makes it difficult to get currency from local providers in the UK. Worry not though…

  • Currency exchange points are available at the airports, however if they are closed when you land at an odd time there are plenty of ATM machines.

  • ATM machines usually will allow you to take money out in the local currency. The rate you get depends on what your bank in the UK will exchange at & any fees they charge. Do notify your bank that you will be travelling abroad.

  • Why not try out a prepaid money card, in case you are worried about losing your bank card or your card not working. These have replaced the travellers cheques of old. Click here for more info.

  • There are plenty of currency exchange places in the touristy areas offering good exchange rates, but not in Shopping Malls. There you will only find ATMs.

  • Hotels are unlikely to change your money for you although you will be able to pay by your bank card.

  • Currency rates are around 12 Dirhams to 1 British Pound. For the current exchange rate, visit

  • Tipping is good practice in Morocco, so go keep some 5 or 10 dirham coins to give to cleaning staff & bell boys.

    Finally, if you want to exchange money and ask ‘Where can I exchange money?’, you might well receive a blank expression. Ask for the ‘Bureau de Change’ pronounced ‘ Byou-row-de-shaanj’, (in case you didn’t study French at school). Hopefully, that should work for you. If not, say ‘Dirhams?’ looking confused, to a local. All the best !